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The Chinese Are Stealing Our Jobs

CalvinEconomicsAbout a year ago I was asked to participate on a committee (I know yikes a committee) from our local school district.  The idea was to pull together the community to work with district personnel to better prepare students for college and working life.  Our district has an outstanding track record in academics and that is one of the main reasons that we moved here long before we had children of school age.  At one of the first meetings we brainstormed about topics where more emphasis was needed to better prepare our children.

Economic Sophisms

If you follow my posts, you probably know that I like economics.  I my travels I had heard about a French writer, Claude Frederic Bastiat who cleverly exposes economic sophisms.   I had thought that sophisms were similar to myths, but a sophism actually is meant to deceive.  I have come to believe that most of the economic drivel that we are fed is meant to fool us while allowing those in power to tinker with our future.

Tinkering is bad.