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Swift Kick – Part 2 AND Final (pray to God)

When I wrote the original swift kick back in July I chronicled my problem with a dying laptop, the purchase of a new one with software problems, and the miraculous return to life of my old PC. At the very end I mentioned that I had a flu bug, but was feeling better. “Not so fast,” fate told me as she had another kick in store for me.

Swift Kick

Eleven days ago I wrote Un-Vacation detailing some post vacation troubles.  At the time I thought that it was heralding my path back to regular blogging.  Obviously I was W A Y wrong.  For thing I am writing on a brand spanking new PC.  Before you get too jealous at my new machine I only spend $1000.oo because I had no choice.  You see my “old” computer didn’t suffer the blue screen of death.  I put it to sleep one night and it just wouldn’t wake up the next day.  No pulse.  No breathe.  Cold to the touch.  Sadly for me my “computer guy” at work was on an extended vacation.  Here I was with all of my ideas (many of which are stale now) and no way to post…at least no practical way.