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Crusty Conundrum

A famous economic fable by Henry Hazlitt is the Broken Window Fallacy where folks believe that there is economic stimulus achieved by breaking the window of a baker shop forcing the owner to replace the glass.  The Crusty Conundrum is my foray into economic fallacies…

Our story starts at the Ché Pizza Parlor, a new age pizza parlor in that they make socially responsible pizza and deliver them in hybrid compact cars.  One day the owner was in a pinch when one of her delivery persons called off to go protest something.  You see Ché Pizza provided its employees with “social justice” time much like traditional employers provided vacation or leave time.  Left with no other options the owner donned her cap and started to make deliveries. 

Earth Day 2009 – Take 3

It is hard to stop writing about all of the misinformation spread by the extreme environmental movement.  I do distinguish between the extreme activists and those like me.  I do recycle, I maintain two compost piles and a worm compost bin, I am using native species in the landscaping at my house, and my wife and I both drive SUVs.

I recently attended an Earth Day event and an auto dealer had some vehicles on display that probably catered to the environmentalist crowd.  One was a small Subaru station wagon.  I noticed that the estimated mileage for that car was several miles per gallon worse than for my SUV.  My car is not a full-sized Ford Excursion, but it is much bigger than the Subaru on display.