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suspectI have often said that it is difficult for me to review a novel without giving too much away, but I also never want to just say “it was good…read it.”  Though Suspect by Robert Crais was good and you should read it.  This is the first novel by Crais that I have read and now will feel compelled to go back and pick up some of his earlier books.

Finish It – Volume 1

This series is a variation of the game you play with your fortune cookie by adding the phrase “in bed” after your fortune.  In this case the headline will be displayed followed by the phrase that should follow.  I hope that you enjoy.

Ahmadinejad says Iran may end enrichment…

It’s just cheaper to buy it from Russia

Texas ed board adopts resolution limiting Islam…

Council on American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) promises to sue and that heads will roll

Feds join fraud case targeted at Mayo

Miracle Whip could not be reached for comment