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Looking Forward to Lite Summer Blends

I’ll bet this image caught your eye!

No I am no talking about fashion.  If you ever saw me dress you’d know that I do not follow current trends.  The blends that I am talking about are “designer” gasoline blends that are required depending on where you live.  First some background from the General Accounting Office,

“The Clean Air Act, as amended, requires some areas with especially poor air quality to use a “special gasoline blend” designed to reduce emissions”

“when different octane grades and other factors are considered, there were at least 45 different kinds of gasoline produced in the United States during all of 2004.”

Summer’s Out Of Reach

Nobody on the road,
Nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air,
The summer’s out of reach.
Empty lake, empty streets,
The sun goes down alone.


While summer doesn’t officially end until September 22 this year for all intents and purposes summer is pretty much over for us.  We have recently been blessed with some needed rain, cooler temperatures, and a great deal of sun.  I can go outside before 7:00 PM without breaking out in a sweat and our windows are open to the fresh air since the humidity level is now bearable.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times left to cut the grass.  That may be wishful thinking, but there cannot be too many more than that.