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The Templar Legacy

Cotton Malone is a former U.S. Operative turned book store owner in Europe.  He finds himself drawn back into that life when his former boss finds herself embroiled with unknown forces while she’s in Copenhagen following a trail that her deceased and estranged husband left behind.  Both find themselves caught between rival religious factions.

“He palmed the stock, finger on the trigger, and brought out the gun, shielding it with his thigh. He’d not held a weapon in more than a year. It was a feeling he’d thought part of his past, one he hadn’t missed. But a man leaping to his death had grabbed his attention, so he’d come prepared. That was what a good agent did, and one of the reasons he’d served as the pallbearer for a few friends instead of being hauled down the center aisle of a church himself.”

The Columbus Affair

columbus affairDespair has gotten the best of former investigative reporter Tom Sagan.  Just before he takes action he is interrupted and is cast into a journey started hundreds of years ago by a rather famous sailor.  Is this enough to keep him going; to try to get back his new life?  Never very far from danger as he attempts to figure out the pieces of a puzzle left by an ancestor as he hops across continents in search of “treasure” in The Columbus Affair .

“Come, he said to the others. ‘Let us pray that the secret of this day will long stay hidden.”

The King’s Deception

kings deceptionJust when former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone thought he was out they pulled him back in. In The King’s Deception Malone is asked to do a favor for a former boss that seemed harmless at first.  He tries to stay out of the fray, but when his son is put in danger he has to act.

Author Steve Berry pits two long-time friends against one another in some international and historic intrigue.  The “King’s Deception” actually involves a former Queen and, if true, could have major implications for the world.  Berry liberal intersperses some historic background to further the storyline.  If you like this technique this novel should be just right for you.  I felt that after a while that it got a little too much for my taste.  Overall though it was a very good book.

The Paris Vendetta

paris vendettaIn this thriller by Steve Berry, Napoleon Bonaparte almost comes alive. Not really, but the banished leader plays in integral part of the plot in The Paris Vendetta. The novel features the return of Cotton Malone the former Justice Department Operative who is pulled back into the underworld to help a friend. Malone gets pulled in different directions trying to help his friend and help his country while their missions do not converge and are often actually at odds. The action is strung out through Denmark, England and Paris with roots in Cairo, Mexico and the home of Napoleon’s final banishment, the island of Saint Helena.

The Emperor’s Tomb

Most of us know very little about China and while The Emperor’s Tomb is a novel author Steve Berry provides a glimpse into the past, long history of this great nation. This serves as the backdrop as the main characters struggle to wrest control of the vast country. Mystery and intrigue are a direct theme and in many places I was not sure who the “real” bad guys were.