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Fish Sticks

This is the fourth of the “Fish” books that I have read although it is the third in their series.  As the name implies, this volume is about maintaining the momentum of implementing Fish.  As usual author Stephen Lundin provides his teaching through the use of a story and includes a bit of his personal life that add a surprising epilogue.

“When the balloons have deflated, the contests have ended, the training is complete, and the natural human tendency to look for the next new thing has started to exert itself, that is when the inevitable gravity pull of old ways sets in.  When you are part of such an effort it feels like someone just took her foot off of the accelerator.”

Fish Tales

I know that I should stop reading these “Fish” books as they are a reminder of what a lousy environment that I work in. Fish! Tales is a compilation of stories of businesses that implemented the Fish strategies; Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude.  It is very inspirational to read about managers who value their employees.

Stephen C. Lundin and his co-authors highlight techniques that can be used at work and at home.  One thing that I took away from this edition of the Fish series is recognizing the difference between being physically present versus being fully present:

Fish For Life

Having read Fish, I could not help buying a copy of this book when I saw it.  It did not hurt that I found a copy miss-priced on the clearance shelves at Half Price Books.  I got my copy for $2.00.  I was not a cheat; I pointed out their error, but they sold it to me anyway. 

In Fish! For Life, Stephen C. Lundin shows you how to apply a business model to your personal life.  That sounds funny, but the Fish ingredients nicely fit into family life:

  • Play – Carry a light heart