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Wishes and Glitches and Healthcare Oh My

imageHealth and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stormed the Burgh yesterday to plug the Affordable Care Act snarkily referred to as Obamacare. With a big ASSist by Pittsburgh Steeler owner Dan Rooney. Rooney has not been shy about prostituting his football team to ASSist Obama in all things liberal. It did pay off as Rooney is coming off of his Obama-sponsored stint as Ambassador to Ireland. This latest gig has raised the ire of many conservatives as he used the publically-funded Heinz Field for the show. I don’t get the dismay or surprise. This Rooney and his Steeler empire have been feeding off of the public trough for a long time. They are a privately owned company until they need a new field, additions to the field, more seats in the field, the property around the field to name a few.


Uncommon can best be described as a self-help book for men written by a famous NFL coach.  Tony Dungy is an interesting man and even though he only played and coached for the Pittsburgh Steelers for a few years he did stand out as an uncommon man.  Subtitled “finding your path to significance,” Tony Dungy shares many personal examples and experiences of others to reinforce his thoughts on such subjects as character, fatherhood, friendship, mentoring, career, priorities, and faith.  It is obvious how much his belief in God steers his life which might seem a little at odds with his life as a successful professional football coach.  It was nice that he gave some recognition to players who share his values.  As a Pittsburgh Steeler fan I, of course, loved the references to the organization and none more than to former coach Chuck Noll, the greatest NFL coach ever (how many others can claim four NFL titles?). 

News Briefs – Volume XXV

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1: Never content to accept a win, special interest groups (perhaps the bane of our society) have already begun to dissect America’s victory when a team of soldiers killed Osama. The Onondaga Indian tribe released a statement criticizing the use of the code name “Geronimo” for bin Laden,

“Think of the outcry if they had used any other ethnic group’s hero. Geronimo bravely and heroically defended his homeland and his people, eventually surrendering and living out the rest of his days peacefully, if in captivity…Geronimo is arguably the most recognized Native American name in the world and this comparison only serves to perpetuate negative stereotypes about our people…Why would that be honorable to us? All they know is just cowboys and Indians, the stuff they saw on TV.”

Find A Way

If you had asked me two months ago who my top ten favorites Steelers were Merril Hoge probably would not have been even on my list…maybe not even on my top 25.  He was a running back during the years toward the end of Emperor Chuck Noll’s coaching days and the start of Bill Cowher’s tenure.  There were some solid teams, but no where near the glory days of the franchise.  A good friend recommended his book saying that she found inspiration in his words and that intrigued me so it was off to Amazon for me.


The City of Pittsburgh generally lands in the top ten when a list of “the most livable cities” is created.  In the most recent poll by Forbes, Pittsburgh landed in the tenth spot.  Having lived here I cannot think of a better place to live and raise a family.  My wife and I did decide to move out of the city, however, for two primary reasons; Pittsburgh’s excessive taxes and poor schools. 

It is an interesting contrast to be one of the top ten most livable communities while the City is in receivership because they spend too much money and the schools are poor.  Pittsburgh is, however, blessed by having great universities, phenomenal health care facilities, great cultural amenities, and world champion sports teams.

Penguins Visit Sparks Controversy

A seemingly innocuous visit to the White House by the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins has sparked a controversy.  Traditionally championship teams visit the White House as the National Hockey League champions did yesterday.  The Penguins presented the President with his own hockey “sweater” and he got to pose with the team and the Stanley Cup.

Similarly, the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers visited the White House in May to celebrate their exciting win over the Arizona Cardinals in February’s Super Bowl. 

Lord Stanley

Now that football season is underway, I, of course, wanted to write about my favorite sport…Hockey.  Growing up in Steelers’ Country and when the Pirates actually won was great, but I always loved hockey more.  Back when I was a teenager, hockey games were affordable and my friend Lenny and I would get tickets and go to games.  The Penguins were a so-so team, but that did not matter, we loved to go.

We had different favorite players; he like Jean Pronovost and I like Greg Malone.  Pronovost was the better scorer, but Malone was the hard-working player that reflected the grit of the city he played in.  It was really cool when Malone’s son, Ryan, played for the Penguins years later. 

Super Bowl XLIII Results Overturned

Tampa, Florida:   In a surprising move, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced this morning that the Pittsburgh Steelers would NOT be awarded their sixth Lombardi Trophy.  Goodell and the league seemingly bowed to pressure from the Justice Organization for Losing Teams (“JOLT“) to spread the trophies around and award the trophy to the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cardinals have never won the Super Bowl.

JOLT President, Trevor Sexton hailed the decision as he protested in front of Mr. Goodell’s home with the four other members of JOLT; “This is a great day for sports justice.  The Pittsburgh Steelers already had FIVE Lombardi Trophies and that is just not fair to the other teams.”  Sexton added;  “It is great that the NFL is embracing the issue of fairness.”