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Update – Finally We Hear From Industry On Healthcare

Update September 10, 2009:  The original posting was about the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, speaking out about the health care debate.  Mr. Mackey made the serious mistake of offering very practical (and practiced by Whole Foods) solutions to some of the problems with America’s health care.  He did not do as most on the left do and blindly spew the tenants of Obamacare.  Big Mistake.

Whole Foods is a market that offers only organic foods and has a commitment to all things green.  You will find no Twinkies Spam on their shelves.  Whole Foods had been worshiped by the left as a testament to “sustainable,” organic lifestyle.  It was the anti-WalMart.  The operative word is “was.”

State of Fear

I recently wrote an insightful commentary on the global warming “crisis.”  Michael Crichton did a much better job on the topic in this novel.  That’s right, I did say novel. 

The story I heard is that while Mr. Crichton was conducting research for this book, he was surprised to find how much hype there was about the man-made global warming issue.  Rather than a book about a global warming crisis, State of Fear is more about the industry behind the global warming movement.