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Who Is Tim Galt?

Any hockey fan knows who Tim Thomas is. He is perhaps the premier goalie in the National Hockey League (and it hurts being from Pittsburgh and saying that). He has been described as “unorthodox” in his style, but he is the current Stanley Cup champion goalie of the Boston Bruins. Part of the celebration of June’s Stanley Cup Victory is for the winning team to make a visit to the White House. I am sure that some Bruin handed Obama a Boston Bruin sweater.

Conspicuously absent from the ceremony was Tim Thomas. It what is being called a snub, Thomas declined the invitation releasing a statement that;

Lord Stanley

Now that football season is underway, I, of course, wanted to write about my favorite sport…Hockey.  Growing up in Steelers’ Country and when the Pirates actually won was great, but I always loved hockey more.  Back when I was a teenager, hockey games were affordable and my friend Lenny and I would get tickets and go to games.  The Penguins were a so-so team, but that did not matter, we loved to go.

We had different favorite players; he like Jean Pronovost and I like Greg Malone.  Pronovost was the better scorer, but Malone was the hard-working player that reflected the grit of the city he played in.  It was really cool when Malone’s son, Ryan, played for the Penguins years later.