Framing the Dialogue

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What Would Machiavelli Do?

Machiavelli’s The Prince is famous a written “instructions” to his superiors about how to rule effectively and often brutally.  Many believe that Machiavelli was the brute, but he was really just the man behind the throne trying to avoid the fate (often death) of unstable rulers.

“…you’re doomed.  Doomed to the middle.  Doomed to be one of those who are acted upon, not one of those who act.  That’s all right.  We can take care of that.  This book will take you by the shoulders, shake you, and make you begin to live your sorry life differently.  To take stock of a situation and ask yourself, before you act:  What would Machiavelli do?  And the answer, in almost all cases, is:  Whatever is necessary.”

Throwing the Elephant

In a nutshell, the elephant is your boss and throwing him is another way of saying managing him.  In Throwing the Elephant, Stanley Bing offers a humorous way to “Manage Up.”  That is what caught my eye about the book and lured me to read it.  We do not often choose our bosses or elephants, and I have run across more than a few who needed to be managed.