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SNL Stinger

Even the “left” writers on SNL seem to grasp the depths to that Obama sunk the our REPUBLIC to which he just stood on;

the bit is humorous…the reality is just not funny.

I’ve Lost SNL

There is a famous quote from the 1960s after  “America’s Newsman,” Walter Conkite was said to have commented the America could not win the war in Vietnam (“But it is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as an honorable people who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.”). President Johnson upon hear this was to had said;

“If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

The following clip is perhaps the most critical hit on Obama from SNL.

Update – With Friends Like These

A few days ago I posted a number of comments by Obama’s “friends that were less than complimentary.  At the end I purposefully left off the thousands and thousands of gaffes by his running mate and the guy next in line to the presidency, Joe Biden.  I shouldn’t be surprised that even Joe couldn’t find a way to force me to use him in the post.  IT IS EXTREMELY SCARY THAT THIS LOOSE-TONGUED IDIOT IS THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  He is like an overdone SNL skit though all SNL skits are almost always overdone.  I have to grudgingly admit that the new teeth and hair look better than the old Joe.  You can put new hair and teeth on a pig, but it is still Joe Biden.

Yeah That’s The Ticket

It is often very interesting to me how Hollyweird types and their rich liberal friends (i.e. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc.) are all about liberal causes and how the rich should pay more.  To date I have yet to read about one of them giving more to the federal government.  In fact Warren’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, is being sued by the federal government for $366 million in back taxes.  Perhaps the “Buffet Rule” should start with paying what you owe?  I guess this FOO (Friend of Obama) doesn’t mind if taxes goes up since his companies don’t really pay anyway.

Him Her Him Again The End of Him

Written by former Saturday Night Live writer Patricia Marx and I bought and read the book in spite of that and the fact that Steve Martin was quoted on the front. Perhaps I am getting old and impatient, but the I am still waiting for the “fiercely funny” or “dark hilarity” or “wildly funny” promised by the quotes on the book cover. I guess if you live in a big city full of neurotics then this would constitute funny. I don’t find Sex and the City particularly humorous either. There is too much neurosis going on. The novel Him Her Him Again The End of Him was entertaining and I finished it, but was struck more by what others think is funny.  As if being dysfunctional, dependent on your parents (who you seem to despise), and neurotic constitute the natural state. I had a hard time getting past the crap to understand the main character. I guess I am just not sophisticated enough.


This was a big weekend for those of us who like sports.  Add to that the season premier of Fox’s “24” and that’s a great weekend.  Unfortunately, I am not the only person wanting to watch the “big” TV.  I was asked to peek in on the Golden Globe Awards at one point.  It was actually the red carpet preview show.  I flipped and was treated by an interview with the star of Ugly Betty. 

The first question was about whether she was going to follow up her campaigning (I presumed for our president elect) and get more involved in politics in the future.  Click.  I had enough and did not listen to her response.  Remote controls are great. 


I clipped an Associated Press news article from my local paper a few weeks ago.  Tina Fey was voted AP Entertainer of the Year.  This was great news for her, but I am not one who generally reads this stuff.  What made me cut out the article, however, was a statement about Fey that sounded like it put her over rivals Robert Downy Jr. (third place) and Heath Ledger (second place):

“But it was Fey who most impressed voters largely with her indelible impression of Gov. Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live.” Her cameos on her old show (where she had been a head writer until 2006) helped drive the show to record ratings and eventually drew an appearance from Palin herself.”