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True Evil

So what would you expect of a book titled True Evil with a subtitle of “True evil has a face you know and a voice you trust?”  Maybe Amityville Horror meets Jaws with a little Bad Seed and The Omen.  That’s sort of what I expected, but what I got was a fairly good murder mystery, but not much in the way of a “true evil” the way I would expect.  Any murder is evil, but I expected more sinister and dark.  Author Greg Iles provided a stirring murder plot, though there was not much mystery after a while.  It was pretty much reading to see how far they’d get and which characters would die.  The murder weapon, however, is rather unique.

Up In Your Business

There is perhaps nothing government likes better than getting in your business.  I am mostly thinking of government “leaders” and elected officials.  Having worked off and on in government for many years I rarely have seen the vindictive low level government bureaucrat of the stereotype that many talking heads like to vilify.  I don’t doubt that many exist and I have only worked in one segment, but it is a regulatory agency where one would think the vindictive would flourish.  What many people forget is the process…elected officials pass laws, the laws require that regulations be adopted, lawyers and politicians help write the regulations, many policies have to be developed to explain the laws written by lawyers and politicians, people then have to adhere to these edicts.  Like them or not, government workers are often in the middle and seemingly in your business.

Luke Says “Go Snow”

One of my favorite cartoons as a youth was Underdog.  Have no fear, Underdog is here!  Of all of Underdog’s protagonists, none were more irritating than scientist/inventor Simon Bar Sinister.  One of his weapons was a machine that made snow.  I can still hear him running around wreaking havoc yelling “Simon Says Go Snow.”