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Update РS̩ Questor

Barely a month ago the Obama Administration minions were all over the media predicting gloom, despair, and agony forthcoming from Obama’s plan (YES IT WAS HIS IDEA AND HE SIGNED IT INTO LAW IN 2011) for sequester as I pointed out in my original post available here.

Rather than trying to detail the obvious lies perpetrated by Obama regarding the reductions in the rate of growth (NO THEY ARE NOT ACTUAL SPENDING CUTS…THE FEDS JUST DON’T GET AS MUCH OF AN INCREASE IN SPENDING…I feel like I am screaming) there are two videos worth watching. The first is an exchange between Fox News’ Ed Henry and Obama’s Bagdad Bob, Jay Carney…

Sé Questor

chicken littleNow that we’re into Day 2 of the Apocalypse AKA The Sequester Americans seem to be responding with a healthy ho hum.  While I live in Western Pennsylvania where the sun rarely comes out in the winter, but it’s light out so I have faith that it is out there somewhere.  The world did not end.  It is still early and  Chicken Little who lives in the White House is still running around screeching that the sky is falling.  Don’t get me wrong as I have no doubt that he will do his best to make the sky fall, but so far he has been ineffectual.  Even the New York Times called him on his scam.  That has to be a bitter pill to swallow when one of your friendly media outlets calls you out.  Ouch!

The End of the World As We Know It

movie previewMy wife and I have been to a few movies recently and were both taken aback by the sheer number of what I would call “end of the world” type movies shown on previews. Not all were about the end of the world, but most featured either the end or battles against evil. The doomsday scenario was certainly evident. I am waiting for this new trailer…


White House Films

Written by B. Hussein Obama

Directed by B.H.O.

Produced by Barry Sotoro

To recap Obama Gloom and Doom…sequester will (remember it was his plan);