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Snap Judgement

“I was loving this. The beauty of being a defense lawyer is that I don’t have to prove anything. All I have to do is poke enough holes in the People’s case to give the jury reasonable doubt. This new information presented exactly the kind of juicy scenario likely to distract and confuse a jury.””

In Snap Judgment, Samantha Brinkman returns when a prominent attorney is a likely suspect to a murder of a young man suspected of killing his daughter.  Needless to say, the attorney does not a good client make.  As all of this is taking place, she is again “compelled” to help an underworld boss in order to protect her secret.  She has to rely on her father, Dale, to help her tread through dangerous waters.

Moral Defense

“I don’t buy much of anything my clients say until I see some corroborating evidence.  Especially clients who’d already lied to me once before.  And it didn’t matter.  It wasn’t my job to believe.  It was my job to make the jury believe.”

In author Marcia Clark’s second in the Samantha Brinkman series, Moral Defense, Brinkman finds herself being an advocate for a young woman after someone brutally murdered her entire family.  It doesn’t take long for her to end up defending a her.

Blood Defense

blood defenseSamantha Brinkman is a struggling defense attorney representing less than stalwart clients juggling bill payments and nursing a very old car even though she’s had courtroom success.  In Blood Defense, her long-time best friend and office partner is pushing her to go after the accused murderer of a semi-famous starlet…even before the perp is arrested and charged.  It would be the type of case that would put her practice on the map and bring in some much needed income.  The news leaks and the suspect is a surprise.  Will Brinkman get the case?  It would be a pretty short book if she didn’t wouldn’t it?