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The Day After Never – Rubicon

So all that you want is peace and to live out some semblance of a quiet life with your family.  You’ve successfully battled many a bad guy in an America that has fallen prey to first a killer virus, then competing violent forces trying to control larger and larger portions of this nation.  The “good” citizens are all but shell-shocked and often lack the will to stand up to bullies…really violent bullies.  You’re tired, but you are the best for the job.  And there is this huge army that is at your command and you can do such good.  What do you do?

The Day After Never – Nemesis

“Maybe. But now you have a choice, and I’m asking you as your friend, and as the leader of the army – take this battle to the miscreants behind most of our suffering. We’re in a unique position with a bunch of victories under our belt, and this will only build from here. But it needs a strong vision…and someone to follow.” Art closed his eyes. When he opened them again, they were pleading. “You’re that man, Lucas, like it or not. I hate to play the last request card if I can avoid it, but I will if I have to.”

The Day After Never – Legion

Legion is the eighth in Russell Blake’s Day After Never post-apocalyptic dystopian thrillers.  The earth has been ravaged by a killer virus and the lawless have taken over.  These novels cover the happenings in the West and Midwest as rival gangs struggle to control the cowered populace.  There are a few who stand against the cruelty.  


“Sierra blinked back her tears and looked away. “I missed you, Lucas. I don’t want to spend my life missing you.  Is that too much to ask?” Lucas squeezed her hand. “I missed you too, Sierra. And no. That’s reasonable,” he said, and it was his turn to look away, his face drawn and his expression fatigued. “Only we don’t live in a reasonable world. At least, not yet.”

The Day After Never – Retribution

In this post apopalyptic book series, the world has been ravaged by a killer flu.  Lawlessness has reared its ugly head and only the strong survive. After having killed the vile leader of the “Crew” when his minions attacked Shangri La in the previous addition of this series, Retribution sees the survivors search for a new safe haven; Snake seizes power; and Sierra finally gets her way to search for her son. The author introduces a new power lurking and pulling strings; are they good or perhaps just less evil than the Crew.

The Day After Never – Covenant

“Like his idols Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun, he would sweep across the land like a plague, destroying everything in his way. The thought made him grin. Finally, he was fulfilling his destiny, preparing for the final battle that would decide who ruled the world – a battle he would not lose.”

In his third Day After Never novel, Russell Blake brings to a climax as evil brings its army to destroy.  Magnus personally leads his evil warriors in an attempt to destroy resistance.  Which is more important, a well defended position or overwhelming force, weaponry and manpower.  This is a classic good versus evil story and you’ll have to read to see who triumphs.  Even winning doesn’t resolve everything in these novels.

The Day After Never – Purgatory Road

Purgatory Road is the second in the The Day After Never series by author Russell Blake. In it, our hero Lucas again faces overwhelming odds to save those closest to him while staying one step ahead of some very nasty people.  In this dystopian novel, the world population has been devastated by a global pandemic.  More than half the population have succumbed and a great many of those left have sunk to brutal levels to survive…generally at the expense of others.  Lucas finds himself pushed to help the two who he saved find their promised land before they themselves were found.

The Day After Never

The Day After Never by Russell Blake takes place in the Southwestern United States.  America is torn apart by a pandemic flu that kills a large portion of the population.  Anarchy rules in this Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian novel.  Pockets of civilization dot the countryside barricaded against the lawless groups that roam; looking for easy prey.

“As with most black swan events, so named because they were unpredictable singularities, the combination of the super flu – regardless of whether brought to the U.S. by refugees, illegal immigrants, or returning servicemen – and an economic meltdown had never been envisioned. There were simply no scenarios for it, and when it happened, civilization had unraveled far faster than anyone would have believed.”