Framing the Dialogue

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The Day After Never – Havoc

“You want Sierra and the kids to be safe. Ask yourself how that’ll be possible if the country’s invaded and run as a slave colony. Is that the future you want for them? For yourself?” “Wouldn’t be much different than how we’ve let it turn out, would it?” Ruby frowned. “Don’t give me that, Lucas. We both know you aren’t fine with any of this. You’re a good man, and you can’t stand idly by while evil triumphs. It’s one of the reasons I respect you, and why they want you to lead the men. You have honor. That’s a rare quality in this day and age.” “Damn, woman.”

The Day After Never – Perdition

In this the sixth book in The Day After Never Series, it picks up where the fifth novel leave off and the Chinese are landing in an attempt to take control of America’s northwest.  Both the town and Lucas are set to get away, but things don’t go as planned and a group decides to return to return to help some folks who were left behind.  Facing overwhelming odd, they look to take on a highly trained AND armed Chinese force.


“She took one more look at the carnage in the little internet café that had been her livelihood for the last two years and inhaled a deep breath. Nothing good would come from stalling the inevitable, and with any luck, she now had an element of surprise in her favor…Highlight She shook herself mentally, forcing her pulse back to normal. The old instincts were rusty, yet it was all coming back in a rush. A third boom reverberated across the waterfront street, and a staccato popping of secondary fireworks followed it, the glow from the red and blue blossoms illuminating the night sky.”