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Dead Head

This is the third and BEST of author Rosemary Harris’ Dirty Business Mysteries.  Dead Head features gardener ne private investigator Paula Holliday thrust on to a trail of intrigue when a friend’s secret past is revealed and Holliday is rumoured to be the source of the mystery.  With lives turned upside down and Holliday’s business prospects drying up because of the controversy she is determined to clear her and her friend’s name.  As with any good mystery, Harris kept me guessing up until the end as the riddles were finally solved. 

The Big Dirt Nap

It isn’t hard to imagine what the drama in Rosemary Harris’ second thriller featuring Paula Holliday is going to be.  The Big Dirt Nap takes Holliday on a short trip to meet up with a friend and write an article about a rare titan arum (Corpse Flower) on display at a resort.  Her friend is late, she meets an unsavory character, the hotel seems bursting with secrets and Holliday is thrust into the middle of another police investigation. 

Pushing Up Daisies

As a person who likes working in my yard, digging around and striking something is not unusual in that my “soil” beneath the one inch of topsoil is rocks mixed with clay.  My dull thunk when I dig is a piece of rock.  Paula Holliday, a professional Gardener, heard the familiar dull sound, but when she dug around she became embroiled in a 30 year old murder mystery.  Pushing Up Daisies by author Rosemary Harris is not unlike the China Bayles series by Susan Wittig Albert except with a younger main character.