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Bumper Stickers

Every once in a while I am sent an interesting e-mail and I would like to share some of the content.  I have hesitated as I kind of feel like it is cheating, but recently I was sent several that contained bumper stickers.  They are political and do not reflect positively on our current President, but they are still funny.  I hope that you enjoy them and feel free to pass them along.

anti obama


bend over


free health care




im stupid




Keep my money


Conservative Environmentalist – Oxymoron?

I have an internal dispute raging inside myself.  OK, there is not actually any rage, but two of my core beliefs are often at odds.  I am a conservative and an environmentalist.  Most people that I encounter assume that since I work for an environmental agency I must be a liberal…wrong.  I really do not think that these beliefs are at odds for the most part.