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What A Difference a “D” Makes

renditionLike me, most of you who read this blog are painfully aware of the left-sided (“leaning” just seems far too light a word to use) media and their well-documented bias against the right and/or conservatives. The New York Times, the Washington Post, The L.A. Times to name a few all have very real and seemingly perpetual bias even though just once in a great while they get it right.

Ghost Plane

I think that this is now the second book in a row that I have read based on a recommendation by Glenn Beck.  Maybe he will eventually get his own sticker like the Oprah Book Club, but I doubt it.

I had been reading some deeper books lately and was looking forward to an adventure novel.  When I started reading Ghost Plane, it was not what I expected.  Stephen Greyprovides a disturbing tale of the United States’ involvement in torture as part of the war on terror.