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Talk Me Off Of the Ledge

No I am not planning to throw myself off of a tall building, but life as a conservative seems rather harsh and I keep looking at how easy it is for liberals with more than a little jealousy.  Life for a liberal is quite simple…

  • It’s a life where they can go from Global Cooling will kill us unless we do something, to Global Warming will kill us unless we take drastic (and costly) measures, to a nice balance of Global Climate Change which gives them cover to every climate situation.  They seem to have no qualms about making these label changes and are as vociferous in their arguments.  Oh and they have the backing of the elitist media. That’s much better than the facts.

Time Less

Like a chicken with its head cut off, Time Magazine continues to thrash about without a brain with yet another uninspiring “Man of the Year” cover.  Not only was the selection of “The Protester” further indication of the leftist agenda, but their honored protesters are more famous for their damage than their courage as evidenced by their propensity to hide their identity as they “brave” their opposition.  Brave in this case means mob as that is what they are.

Occupy Deepwater

Two comments; One - where is PETA as this cannot be good treatment for that poor dog; Two - How will the protester "pop" her microwave popcorn?

When is the “Occupy Wall Street” like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?  I was thinking about the cost to the communities besieged by the Occupy folks and started to think about the similarities to the Gulf Oil spill two years ago.  There are many and there are some things that should be similar and I hope that they come to pass…