Framing the Dialogue

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Studio Wrestling

At the risk of sounding really old wrestling was different when I was growing up.  It was still scripted (AKA fake – alegedly), but it was less “steroidial,” fewer sweaty stares, no maniacal rants, and weird in a good way.  I grew up with Studio Wrestling and athletes named The Iron Sheik (a bad guy from the Middle East would cause CAIR to file a lawsuit today), Jumping Johnny DeFazio, Bobby “Hurricane” Hunt, Chief White Owl, Larry Zbyszko, George “the Animal” Steel, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Ivan Putski, Killer Kowalski, and Pittsburgh’s own Bruno Sammartino.  Bruno Sammartino was the ultimate good guy in professional wrestling and being from our home town, we all loved him and rooted for him and hated his many enemies on the canvas.