Framing the Dialogue

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On Government Exemptions

In their attempt to cover all scenarios with regulations governments never seem to learn from their mistakes and always creates unintended consequences.   This is quite a dilemma for government as they certainly want to give the perception of fairness and create a set of rules that will achieve their goals and cover all of the bases.  Rather than simplifying things they increase the complexity and you end up with 2000+ page bills.  I would estimate that for each page of law you probably get 250 pages of regulations.  We should keep in mind that by creating this bureaucracy they also provide cover (i.e. covering their butts) for themselves when/if the spit hits the fan. 

Congress acts, but bank bill has work ahead

In this series I choose a current news article and you decide via a multiple choice format which terms were used and whether others would have been more accurate…….

WASHINGTON — In the end, it’s only a beginning.

The __________ (comprehensive, far-reaching, power grabbing, socialist) new banking and consumer protection bill awaiting President Barack Obama’s signature now shifts from the politicians to the technocrats.

The legislation gives regulators __________( latitude, unlimited power, control, plenty of campaign contributions)  and time to come up with new rules, requires scores of studies and, in some instances, depends on international __________ (approval, loans, agreements, scorn) falling into place.

Are Your Lights On?

I was sitting at one of the many meetings that I attend as part of my job.  Few are interesting and fewer are productive.  I was sitting next to Bill.  Bill is unique as he chairs a coalition of environmental groups (one of which he also serves as the president), municipalities, NGOs, and other government agencies.  Bill is an environmentalist that works as a consultant for industry.  He “walks the walk.”

The monthly meetings can be lively and even heated at times, but the coalition has been meeting for many years and has accomplished many things.  A lot of that has to do with Bill’s leadership.  He doesn’t do everything, but he is a great natural facilitator.