Framing the Dialogue

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You’ve Just Been Screwed

I am not sure why so many folks have a negative view of Ted Cruz.  The more I pay attention to what this man says the more I am giving him a strong consideration as a presidential candidate.  He seems like a gentleman who has no agenda except to do what his constituents elected him to do.  He is almost as critical of his fellow Republicans as he is of the left/Democrats.  Here is his most recent speech on the floor of the Senate about the 3:00 am budget deal that essentially gave Washington a limitless credit card to grow government and spend money.  Do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch the whole thing.

Separated At Birth – Candy/Rosie

Rosey the Robot Maid:  Rosie is a humanoid robot fictional character in The Jetsons animated television series of the 1960s. She is the Jetson’s maid and housekeeper and is usually depicted wearing a frilly apron. Her torso is mounted atop a single leg and she rolls about on a set of caster wheels.  She frequently calls George Jetson “Mr. J”.  Rosey was an old demonstrator model hired by the Jetson family from U-RENT A MAID. In the episode “Rosey the Robot”, her model number is revealed as XB-500.  Rosey is modeled after Hazel from the TV show Hazel, a sitcom featuring Shirley Booth as a similar maid character.