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Pizza Bomber

“They were all obsessed with money, each of the three of the fractured intellectuals.  Their levels of violence and culpability differed among them, but their deceit and matchless desire for money pulled them together like magnets.”

One of the more famous things to happen in Erie, Pennsylvania was the Pizza Bomber in 2003.  The murder of a pizza delivery man using a bomb around his neck made national news.  The story was that he was forced to don the collar bomb and then rob a local bank.  The police caught him shortly after the robbery and while the bomb squad was on the way it exploded killing the man.

Tips For Naught

…Therefore I Am…

I was out and about yesterday so dinner was going to have to be a quick deal and that means take out.  There is a new shopping center not far from our house and much to our delight a Papa John’s Pizza opened.  We like some of the local, independent pizza shops around our house, but we do enjoy Papa John’s too and I used to pick up dinner there a few times a month at one that was located on the route home from work until I switched jobs.  No more Papa John’s until yesterday.  I was visiting my Mom and sister and Papa John’s was one my way home.  I dutifully downloaded the Papa John’s iPhone app, logged in, and ordered our pizza.

Crusty Conundrum

A famous economic fable by Henry Hazlitt is the Broken Window Fallacy where folks believe that there is economic stimulus achieved by breaking the window of a baker shop forcing the owner to replace the glass.  The Crusty Conundrum is my foray into economic fallacies…

Our story starts at the Ché Pizza Parlor, a new age pizza parlor in that they make socially responsible pizza and deliver them in hybrid compact cars.  One day the owner was in a pinch when one of her delivery persons called off to go protest something.  You see Ché Pizza provided its employees with “social justice” time much like traditional employers provided vacation or leave time.  Left with no other options the owner donned her cap and started to make deliveries.