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Hunter Killer

After the past few missions garnered more visibility than the Taskforce ever wants, there seems to a sustained desire by politicians to reign Pike Logan and his team in.  Preparing to join their teammates on a mission in South America they found themselves being the hunted rather than the hunters.  These bad guys seem to know far too much about the group, their activities, and where they live.  When they get too close to Logan’s family, it gets personal and Pike turns to his darker side.

Daughter of War

In biological warfare parlance there is a substance known as “Red Mercury”.  It is a weapon, much like the old neutron bomb that will kill humans, but leave infrastructure in place for the victors.  In this case the virus is very short-lived, killing those exposed only to die itself shortly there after.  What will happen if a country like Syria or North Korea acquires such a weapon?

Operator Down

“Aaron steeled himself, knowing he would have to trade in order to be rescued, and the currency in question was pain. He had to force them to hunt in Israel. The man in front of him had no idea of what he was threatening when he mentioned Aaron’s partner. He thought he understood pain. Understood death. And he probably did, on an earthly plane. But Shoshana was made of something entirely different. She was a supernatural predator who caused fear even in Aaron. Going after her would guarantee a response, if he could remain alive long enough to see it. Shoshana would unleash her skills only if she deemed the reason worthy, and, unfortunately for these men, harming him would trigger a reaction unlike anything they had ever seen. Because he had the honor of being deemed worthy.”

Ghosts of War

After a rogue Taskforce member causes trouble (The Forgotten Soldier), their counterterrorism activities for the United States is severely curtailed.  The bad guys have no reprieve and continue to plot against the Western world.  In Ghosts of War, Putin and the Russians are back seeking world domination.  Russia’s actions are escalated to the point where a planeload of high level officials is attacked leading the planet towards World War III.  Can Pike Logan and his team unravel the layers of evil characters and stop further escalation?

Ring of Fire

I’ve been addicted lately to the Pike Logan thrillers by Brad Taylor.  In Ring of Fire (#11 in the series) Pike and his team must first find the terrorists who are different in that they are content to stay under the radar and inflict damage with their “ring of fire”, then must stop the plot.  In their quest they come across a man much like themselves except his killing expertise is for hire.  Can he be trusted?

The Forgotten Soldier

The ninth in Brad Taylor’s Pike Logan series, The Forgotten Soldier, brings us the story of one of Pike’s colleagues who is grieving because of the death of his brother in Afghanistan.  The IED killed his brother and with most people that is about all that you can do.  Guy George, a member trained by the U.S. Military and then The Taskforce, had skills which allowed him to do more than accept his brother’s fate.  His grief, his skill, and his conviction that he could find those responsible put him at odds with the Taskforce.  When he “disappears”, Logan and his team must bring him back.

The Insider Threat

“the Islamic State had become the most powerful terrorist organization on the face of the earth. Encompassing broad swaths of terrain across Syria and Iraq, the group possessed a brutality unheard-of in the modern world.  But it was not unlike the history of the past. The Islamic State cowed its opponents with an unparalleled ability to instill fear, using new social media grafted on twelfth-century barbarism to depict beheadings, crucifixions, torture, and mass executions, and in so doing recruiting waves of others to continue the killing.”

No Fortunate Son

no fortunate son“What Pike was doing now might not be legal, but it was just.  And she would do what she could to help.  She looked back into the mirror, remembering the terror.  Understanding  what Kylie was experiencing.  We’re coming.  We’ll find you.”

In No Fortunate Son Pike Logan gets some difficult news on the level of “no good deed goes unpunished.”  He’s concerned that the government that he has saved many times over the years has abandoned him rather than show gratitude.  He doesn’t expect medals, but to be treated this way is beyond belief.  At this low point a close friend and mentor seems to need his help, but Logan cannot relay on his usual resources…except for his own.

Enemy of Mine

enemy of mineFirst off I am amazed at how far author Brad Taylor has improved as a writer and storyteller.  Awesome.  In his latest Pike Logan thriller, Enemy of Mine, the members of the Taskforce jump around Europe and the middle east trying to stop an old nemesis and discover perhaps a bigger threat.  Taylor touches on some of the terrorist organizations in the regions which would certainly cause criticism…not because it isn’t true, but because we don’t talk about it.  There are many in the Middle East who are against the peace process and will go to great lengths to stop it.

All Necessary Force

all necessary forceIn his second Pike Logan novel author Brad Taylor has the damaged hero looking in from the outside of the Taskforce as they try to unravel the theft of some dangerous military apparatus that could be used against America.  The latest threat seems to be coming from the far east and that is where the focus is at least initially.  Logan joins forces with the Taskforce not as an operator, but as the part owner of a cover company, but that changes quickly as things spin out of control and he is force to use All Necessary Force in pursuit of an unnamed enemy.