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Last Food and Fuel

I once heard Pennsylvania politics described as the “red T” where there is a corridor north-south in the center of the state and an east-west corridor on the upper part of the state that is generally red or republican. The state, however, is generally dominated by the two large urban areas around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia where blue is predominant. I really cannot speak to local Philadelphia politics, but the Republican Party is, if I am being very generous, extremely weak to non-existent in the ‘Burgh.

The Digital Photography Book Volume 3

What do you do when your first two books do really well?  Scott Kelby did the natural thing and wrote a third, the aptly named The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3.  As in his first two digital photography books (he has written other books) Kelby writes with the perspective that he is out with you taking pictures.  His descriptions provide technical information without overwhelming you with jargon.  It also doesn’t hurt that he uses his sense of humor to entertain.

The Digital Photography Book

There may be thousands of photography books available and many of them have now been edited to include digital photography.  Less than ten years ago I was the only person in my family that had a camera.  We often bought the kids disposable cameras to use on vacations.  I bought my first digital camera (an Olympus for around $700) and I seem to remember that it had around 3 MP.  I took both it and my 35mm film camera on vacation that year to compare both.