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Hiking Through

hiking throughSo I was early picking my wife up at the airport and had an hour or so to kill…more if her plane was delayed. I forgot my book and if you are not a ticketed passenger there are not many places you can go at the terminal. Fortunately there was a small newsstand open that had some books. I had selected a Tom Clancy novel and as I waited in line to pay I noticed a book called Hiking Through. I still purchased the Clancy novel, but when I sat down I noted the title and added the book to my Amazon Wish List and bought it a few days later. That chance “meeting” led me to a wonderful book and I only retold the story because it fits with the kind of magic author Paul Stutzman often describes occurring during his nearly 2,200 mile journey thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2008. Stutzman’s tale about his journey has many levels as hikers would enjoy recounting the struggles of the long journey; spiritual people obviously would appreciate the author’s struggles and conversations with God; and other just might enjoy the fellowship that develops between hikers sharing the journey.