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Watt TF

My "collection" of ill-fitting CFL bulbs

We have a battle in our household (it’s not that I’ve long since learned to put the seat down).  Okay it is not really a battle, but I can tolerate compact fluorescent light (“CFL”) bulbs and my wife hates them.  When I tried to sneak them into a socket she would promptly replace them deriding their weak, yellow light.  In the olden days she was pretty much right on with that description, but the newer, higher wattage bulbs are much brighter and clean (whiter light).  These improvements came too late for her though because her preference is set.  I like the fact that the bulbs do seem to last longer, but sometimes trying to get one to fit into a lamp can be a trial-and-error process and that has been expensive especially as I buy the higher output bulbs.  I now have a drawer full of rejects that won’t fit in fixtures gathering dust.  In our room, my lamp has CFL hers has Edison’s classic and that works for us.  But not for long…

The World Is Flat

You’ve all heard about the global economy, globalization, and how small the world has gotten in the last few decades.  I sell on ebay and have shipped all over the world…from my house.  That’s globalization.  That is not really what this book is about.

Thomas L. Friedman believes that rapid advances in technology and communications has flattened the world.  From the fall of the Berlin Wall to “outsourcing,” The World Is Flat discusses ten forces (political events, innovations, and companies) that flatten the world.  You will be amazed at what some companies are doing.  If you think UPS just ships packages, you will be surprised by what Brown can do for you.