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One Nation

one nationThis is the newest non-fiction from Ben Carson who came into my awareness when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013.  The speech was “controversial” in that he spoke frankly and succinctly about the problems facing America.  The press went nuts because President and Mrs. Obama were also sitting at the front table and many lamented at Ben Carson’s uncivil remarks which were taken as criticism of Obama’s policies.  That’s the way I took them and I loved it.  There has been a groundswell of calls for Dr. Carson to run for public office and only he and his family can make that momentous decision.  In many ways I hope that he does run, but for his sanity he really needs to pray over that decision.


“Enough” shouted George Soros, “the American people have figured us out.  I am tired of seeing stupid TEA Party folks grabbing headlines.  We need to respond and have our own rally in Washington.  Money is no object.  Just get more people there than Beck had.” 

This is of course fictional, but I envision that similar conversations were held throughout the liberal/progressive elitist organizations and universities since Glenn Beck’s widely successful 8-28 march on Washington.