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Finding Sheba

finding sheba 1“Jade stepped forward and touched the cold stone coffin.  A shiver traveled through her entire body.  She walked around the sarcophagus, trailing her fingers over the ancient rock.”

So why is Finding Sheba as in the Queen of Sheba such an important thing to the world?  Why would people spend millions, torture, and even kill to find or prevent others from finding her?  In the first “Omar Zagouri” thriller, author H.B. Moore combines historical fiction with a thrilling hunt for the tomb of the elusive queen.  Sheba’s very existence and where she lies could have world-wide repercussions and lead to even more bloodshed.  The story brings an American student, an Ethiopian man, a French archaeologist and two Israeli operatives in a sprint to find the truth behind the legend.  Does Sheba exist?