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Update – Twelve Days of Obamacations

I asked for this information in my original post and someone took the time to calculate the cost of the Obama’s trip to India and other points East.  I expected the cost to be staggering, but this trip defies even my gut feelings.   It’s only going to cost the United States’ citizens/taxpayers $200 million each day for the Obamacation. 

That’s $200,000,000.00 EACH DAY

I am at a loss for words.

You may read the original post here.

Twelve Days of Obamacations

The hoopla surrounding the Obama’s “historic” trip to India following the expected Democrat/Obama thumping at the polls on November 2 has really not reached fever pitch yet so I wanted to get my licks in early.  Amid concerns of Indian officials that his visit will increase the likelihood of violence as extremists look for publicity the level of security has been heightened.  While the President deserves security, maybe some accommodations could be made for economy.  We are in the worst recession since the Great Depression after all.