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Veterans Administration = Obamacare

imageWND News posted an article that looked back at how Obama hyped the Veterans Administration would be a model for the preeminent healthcare system in the world AND as a view into what Obamacare will bring us.

Obama 2008: VA will be ‘leader of health care reform’

That part is true and is a frightening peak into what’s in store for us unless the bums in Washington (both Dems & GOP) repeal NOT FIX Obamacare.  Remember they exempted themselves from the VA/Obamacare.  Here are some quotes from the article;

Foreign Policy Fallacy?

So while Russia’s ex-KGB president invades one of our allies and has the gall to not only invade a sovereign country, but lie and say that he doesn’t have Russian troops in the country our President Obama utters backboneless threats that “there will be costs.”  I guess that is better than drawing a “red” line only to have to back away from the line like he did with Syria.  When I ran across this pull quote from an article on the crisis my head just about exploded.  It seems that we are only tough-talking in anonymity.  Why on Earth would any “journalist” use an anonymous quote from anyone?  What gravitas does that have?  Perhaps John Kerry sent Putin an unsigned note saying that “we’ll get you my pretty.” (sorry for the Wizard of Oz reference).  We know that is not true and Kerry seems more concerned about global warming…sorry climate change is the new buzzword.

Dumb or Liar?

dumb or liarSo for all of you libretards out there you have to now decide whether the elected president is just dumb or a liar.  There is no middle ground.  There is no “I found out when I read the newspapers like everybody else.”  The nation has been barraged with PR spin about how bright Mr. Obama is, how this job just doesn’t challenge him enough and he may actually be disengaged because he is bored.  You can no longer have it both ways.  McClatchy Newspapers has just called him out for; a) a being dumb by making a dumb statement, or b) an outright liar in his lying statement during his State Of The Union Speech (SOTU) on Tuesday and subsequently repeated over the next few days;


bill_oreillyAnyone who has watched Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly knows that he eschews bloviating which is intriguing as he is a serial bloviator.  After the President’s State Of The Union speech on Tuesday the topic of minimum wage has been hotly debated.  And Billy O was kind enough to invite the requisite opposing pundits to discuss the issue.  As he can often do, he proceeded to interrupt the conservative pundit (sorry I don’t remember her name) as she offer the usual proof regarding the FACTS that a minimum wage actually, historically, and truthfully hurts those who are just starting out. Obama with O’Reilly’s blessing wants a minimum wage of around $10.10/hour.

White House Access

obama leekIn an unprecedented move the Obama White House has decided to become even more transparent than previously.  Long considered by President Obama to be the most open administration ever he has now taken steps to be even more accessible to the White House Press Corps.  Press Secretary Jay Carney announced the following measures late Friday night:

  1. Press photographers will still not be allowed into most events to take photographs, but the White House Ministry of Communication will make additional photographs available upon written request and seven day’s notice unless “executive privilege” applies.


imageWith the recent death of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela it is a convenient time to compare two very different “leaders.”  The stories circulating about President Mandela tell a tale of a great man and leader. The one that touched me most was hearing that he invited his white jailers to his inauguration.  Instead of bitterness he chose the path toward healing.

Obama doesn’t contrast well.  Actually he pales.  As the graphic on the left attests “I” is clearly Obama’s favorite word. On the news of President Mandela’s passing the Obama White House released this photograph of Der Leader sitting thoughtfully in Mandela’s jail cell…

News Briefs – No Joke?

obama jokeI am not sure how long the mainstream media will nip at the heals of President Obama so I’ll just enjoy the feeding frenzy as they seem to have remembered some sense of journalistic ability.  This cannot last as they fundamentally hate center and center-right America.  I am going to do this news brief a little differently as I’ll just post my favorite quote from the liberal writer’s article with a link to the full post.  I hope that you enjoy as much as I have!

Brief 1:

Whatever It Takes!!!

The LeekMany of the great unwashed have been waiting over three years for the Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as Obamacare, to provide not only better health care, but free health care for many.  Their enthusiasm for the free stuff overwhelmed the $600,000,000.00 website that has been under design for most of those years.  Many frustrated folks have expressed concern that the website allowed them to enter all of their personal information, but when it came time to get their lower insurance quotes thinks fell apart and few were actually able to sign up.  An Obama administration official, who was not authorized to speak on the record, tried to calm those expecting free or cheap health insurance noting that “people don’t have to worry if they already set up an account and entered all of their personal and health information.  The IRS now knows all of this and will easily be able to find you.  These folks will be sure to get theirs!”

What A Difference a “D” Makes

renditionLike me, most of you who read this blog are painfully aware of the left-sided (“leaning” just seems far too light a word to use) media and their well-documented bias against the right and/or conservatives. The New York Times, the Washington Post, The L.A. Times to name a few all have very real and seemingly perpetual bias even though just once in a great while they get it right.