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The King’s Hounds

kings houndSet in the 11th Century where King Cnut has just conquered England and is trying to rule over an unhappy cabal of follows including the vanquished and those that changed sides to be on the wining side rather than out of some deep belief.  King Cnut has a brutal grip on things, but when a sworn enemy is murdered his plan to unite the different kingdoms is in jeopardy.  In desperation, Cnut calls on the services of two unlikely men who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time for them.  In The King’s Hounds Winston, a former monk, and Halfdan, a former nobleman’s son, are compelled to solve the murder.  These two unlikely detectives are hampered by the distrust of those involved, the impatient king, and the trials of getting around in that time period.  Oh and the fact that they are generally not considered royalty doesn’t help them.

Heart Collector

heart collector 2Amazon has this great program for its Prime members.  Each month you are eligible for a free novel (Kindle version) of a new release, we usually have two to pick from.  It’s called Kindle First and is a great way to read something by a new author.  Unfortunately I hadn’t known about this program for a few years and I wonder how many good books I missed.  Oh and did I mention that they are free?  I love free.  Amazon surprise us in January and we were able to pick two from a choice of four.

Only Time Will Tell

only time will tell 2Only Time Will Tell is the first in the Clifton Chronicles detailing the lives of the wealthy Barrington family and the not so fortunate Clifton clan.  Set in England in the early 20th Century author Jeffrey Archer  intertwines these families as they go through life.  As is typical with an Archer novel there is discord, tragedy and love.  The setting exacerbates the disparity about how people are treated simply based on their birthright or lack thereof.

Off To Be The Wizard

imageI was not quite sure what to expected when I bought a copy of Scott Meyer’s  novel, Off to Be the Wizard.  I guess I sort of thought it would be in the same character as Wicked, but this is nothing like that series. It’s hard to descrIbe this without giving too much away, but the main character, Martin Banks, leads a rather dull life and still lives at home with his parents.  His evenings spent on the internet, not hacking, but was just “a guy who really liked monkeying with computers…seeing what he could get away with.”  He found something that began his journey to be the wizard;

The Kill List

kill listThe United States and Great Britain are the victims of seemingly random acts of terrorism by single actors.  These Islamists target higher profile citizen from which to wage their bloody war.  The only link seems to be a mysterious “Preacher” who encourages conversion to radical beliefs and edges on weak-minded Muslims to kill. The Kill List is a secret list known only by a few people in American government.  As you might guess the people on this list are to be found and killed.  Author Frederick Fosyth’s hero goes by many names, but is known as the Tracker and he is assigned to take care of the Preacher by any means and money is no object.


bitterrootFormer Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland travels to Montana to visit an old friend, but mostly to spend time fishing.  The Bitterroot Valley in Montana has become a fashionable place for the rich and famous to live and play.  Other undesirables also have made their way to the wilderness area.  Holland’s friend has no patience for many of the visitors and other folks looking to exploit the natural resources which puts him and consequently Holland at odds with some unsavory characters.  Mayhem ensues in, Bitterroot , as a psychopath is at play and has an axe to grind.  See how I did that?  I used the work psychopath and axe in the same sentence.  Now you are wondering if that person uses and axe.  I’m not telling.

Fortunate Son

fortunate sonI guess that when I picked up Fortunate Son on the bargain book rack I half expected a novel by Jeffrey Archer as the title seemed like one that he would choose.  Author Walter Mosley had a different journey for me and what a journey.

“When she saw the teenage girl stand near him, she knew.  It was time for him to lose his lover, Ahn thought, and so the stars conspired to kill her.”

Toyotomi Blades

toyotomi bladesThe Toyotomi Blades is a sequel to Death In Little Tokyo from author Dale Furutani featuring amateur sleuth Ken Tanaka.  Mr. Tanaka has been laid off and while using his severance pay to pay the bills he is trying to decide what to do with his middle-aged life.  This American’s popularity in Japan is bolstered because he solved the murder of a Japanese citizen and Tanaka is also of Japanese heritage.  Off he goes to Japan for his fifteen minutes of fame…and a whole new mystery in a land where he does not speak the language.

Naked Heat

imageThis is the sequel to the best selling murder mystery, Heat Wave, and based on the television series Castle.  In Naked Heat investigate the murder of a powerful newspaper gossip columnist. Needless to say this writer had more than a few enemies, but to have one hate her so much so bad to kill her?  You’ll have to read the story to enjoy all of the plot twists and turns involving some of New York City’s elite citizens.

City of Lost Souls

city of lost soulsJace and Clary.  Clary and Jace.  In this the fifth book of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series we continue the journey, angst, drama, and intrigue as Clary, Jace, Simon, Izzy, and Alec come to terms with their roles as Shadowhunters (and one vampire) fighting evil where they can find it or it finds them.  The City of Lost Souls has the Shadowhunters are all a buzz trying to find Jace as he disappeared at the end of the last novel when he was abducted by Sebastian.