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Domestic Violets

violetsI guess that I can best describe Domestic Violets as a “coming of age” novel…except the person coming of age is in his mid thirties, married with child, divorced parents.  Oh and one of them wildly famous and wild.

“I’ve done something today that everyone dreams about doing.  The difference is, I had the balls to do it, and so I am, at least for the moment, their hero, and my money is not good here.  Shots and beers and stiff drinks have accumulated in front of me at a rate I haven’t seen since my twenty-first birthday.”

Murder In A Heat Wave

Murder in a Heat Wave heat wavelooks to be the second in the Martha Patterson mystery series by author Gretchen Sprague.  Martha Patterson is a retired attorney who has just returned to New York City from a trip out West to visit her son and his family.  Patterson lives in a condo community with what appears to be an overbearing board.  Her arrival is greeted by a heat wave throughout the city and her building’s air conditioner is not working.  The heat inside the building exacerbates tempers and murder ensues.  Martha Patterson finds herself pulled into the investigation; one with far too many suspects, many of whom are neighbors.

Driving Heat

driving heatWhen a case hits close to home Nikki Heat struggles to solve the crime, ones she loves and maybe even herself.

“Two blocks into her drive east from the NYPL, Heat conspicuously had to tell herself to breathe.  The fifteen-minute trip to the river seemed otherworldly, a soundless voyage to the very gates of Hell, insulated from all outside stimulus.  Heat drove with her damp palms on the wheel; her lungs felt seared, and it seemed that because of some untimely breakdown of her cerebral cortex, evolved messages of reason and judgment were being skip-wired, while her amygdala up high-velocity jolts of primal darkness under the banner of ‘Coming Attractions’ – random clips from a jumpy mental snuff film that filled her with fear and hopelessness.”

The Whole Truth

whole truthThe Whole Truth is the first in the “A. Shaw” series originally published in 2008.  The novel by thriller writer David Baldacci has the world on the verge of war as unseen forces are playing chess with world powers and global superpowers are thrust into a return to Cold War days.  Powerful forces are at work to push public opinion against an old enemy.  The lead character named Shaw seems to be a puppet on the string of powerful “police” and is forced to do their bidding and accidently become intertwined with the growing world tension.  He joins forces with a prize-winning author who is down on her luck to try to prevent war.

Bum Rap

bum rapAfter a modest career in the NFL, attorney Jake Lassiter has an equally modest career as a defense attorney in Miami.  In Bum Rap he is asked to defend a fellow attorney charged with murder of a Russian mobster things get interesting and dangerous.  It doesn’t help that his second chair in the defense is the very attractive girlfriend of the accused.  Although there is strong incentive to settle and take a plea bargain the defendant takes his chances in a trial.

“Honestly, I don’t know how.  Maybe film director Billy Wilder said it best.  He was talking about movie audiences, not juries, but the point holds true:  ‘Individually, they’re idiots.  Collectively, they’re a genius.”

Total Control

total controlIn Total Control a tragic plane crash turns attorney Sidney Archer’s world upside down.  The young mother is thrust into a world of sinister characters and where danger lurks seemingly around every corner and she is really never sure who she can trust.  A veteran FBI agent, who long ago sacrificed his marriage and his family to the “job,” is trying to help and figure out is she in innocent or part of the bizarre plot to perpetrate mass murder.  She also has to find out how her husband might have been involved and whether he is still alive.

Miramont’s Ghost

miramonts ghost222“All she had was this knot in the pit of her stomach, the vague feeling that something was dreadfully wrong.  How do you ever know the truth about another person?  Without the knowledge that comes through clairvoyance, how could a person ever know when someone spoke the truth?  How could you ever know with any certainty what happens behind closed doors?

 In Miramont’s Ghost we follow the life of young Adrienne who grows up in wealth near Beaulieu, France.  Living with her dysfunctional family, she is mostly happy as her grandfather dotes over her.  Family secrets and an unusual ability continue to interrupt an idyllic family life.  Can tragedy be far from the door?


image“Times like this, knowing a battle was coming, that an enemy masthead would soon peek over the horizon, he forced himself to take time to gather himself.  It was said he was good at war.  Maybe because he was so inordinantly fond of peace.”

A brilliant American scientist and his young family are abducted and no one knows why or where they were taken…

Lord Alexander Hawke comes on the radar of an old nemesis who’s disciples may be closer to his friends and family than he’d be comfortable with…

There is political upheaval in the United States government ani it seems vulnerable…

The Innocent

innocentImagine waking up from a nightmare and finding that your bed is all torn up from the experience.  Imagine that the dream wasn’t just a dream, but based on something that you experienced.  Imagine that this experience was common for your job.  Finally imagine that your best friend is asking you to do it again.


spencerville 1Keith Landry has survived the tumultuous 1960s, the Vietnam war, and a career fighting the Cold War mostly on “enemy” turf only to find himself up against a local cop who happens to be married to the woman Landry left all of those years ago.  In Spencerville a man of the world moves back to the small town where he was raised.  Things have changed; some of them at least.  Landry is not sure why he returned to his parents’ house.  They have moved to sunny Florida and have lease most of the family farm fields to others.  Something or someone has drawn him back and that may spell trouble…okay it is trouble.