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High Heat

When a young woman is brutally murdered by three jihadists in the name of Allah in the middle of New York City, Nikki Heat is tasked with finding the killers.  Worse for Heat is that the terrorists claim their next target is someone very close to Heat.   This threat puts Nikki in some High Heat.

“These men—and there had to be at least three, since there was someone behind that camera—would do whatever it took to get their hands on Rook, even if it meant martyring themselves. Especially if it meant martyring themselves. They wouldn’t stop until Rook’s head was the one bouncing on the floor.”

Driving Heat

driving heatWhen a case hits close to home Nikki Heat struggles to solve the crime, ones she loves and maybe even herself.

“Two blocks into her drive east from the NYPL, Heat conspicuously had to tell herself to breathe.  The fifteen-minute trip to the river seemed otherworldly, a soundless voyage to the very gates of Hell, insulated from all outside stimulus.  Heat drove with her damp palms on the wheel; her lungs felt seared, and it seemed that because of some untimely breakdown of her cerebral cortex, evolved messages of reason and judgment were being skip-wired, while her amygdala up high-velocity jolts of primal darkness under the banner of ‘Coming Attractions’ – random clips from a jumpy mental snuff film that filled her with fear and hopelessness.”

Raging Heat

raging heat“The traffic detail chopped the air with gloved hands to keep the gawkers past the street barricade. But the would let her through.  The NYPD’s top homicide detective had a corpse to meet.”

This is the sixth novel in Richard Castle’s Nikki Heat series.  In Raging Heat , Nikki Heat seems to go against her mantra of letting the clues lead you to the perpetrator.  An influential suspect has all of Heat’s attention much to the dismay of her team, her boss, and many of those higher up in New York City’s political class.  Heat and Rook also have some rough times as Heat carries a secret that threatens to drive them apart.

Deadly Heat

deadly heat 1“Lately, working routine homicides had become a distraction that kept her from focusing fully on her bigger case.  Of course she couldn’t share that with anyone on her squad, but she did complain to Rook how hard it was to try to close a chapter when people kept opening others. “

I this the fifth novel in the Nikki Heat series, author Richard Castle  furiously forces Heat to juggle what seems like a “routine” homicide with her need to solve a ten year old murder of her mother.  The story takes an unreal turn and Nikki is no longer sure that she can trust anyone and time is running out before something big and dangerous happens that will be Deadly Heat.

Frozen Heat

frozen heat“Was she suffering poor judgment from PTSD, after all?  Or was she starting to see her precious emotional compartments as obstacles instead of allies and going with her gut more?  Or was there truly some unseen force guiding her?  Or was she just plain obsessed with this case?”

 Frozen Heat…all that I want to start with is WOW!

Heat Rises

heat risesAn early morning Winter call brings Nikki Heat to a seedy address where she is confronted with a murder victim in an unusual position and place considering his profession.  In the third novel in the Nikki Heat mysteries, Heat Rises , her investigation is complicated by some potential good news in the career front, conflict with someone she respects, and danger.  There’s always danger only not all of the danger is from the “criminal”  element.  This tome does include a bit of a cliff hanger, but it does not take away from the story.

Naked Heat

imageThis is the sequel to the best selling murder mystery, Heat Wave, and based on the television series Castle.  In Naked Heat investigate the murder of a powerful newspaper gossip columnist. Needless to say this writer had more than a few enemies, but to have one hate her so much so bad to kill her?  You’ll have to read the story to enjoy all of the plot twists and turns involving some of New York City’s elite citizens.

Heat Wave

imageAbout a year ago our daughter turned her parents on to the Castle television series. Like older folks to Matlock or Everybody Loves Raymond we loved and watched it all of the time.  I then hear that there is a series of books written under pseudonym on Richard Castle and I know that I have to try this.