Framing the Dialogue

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Feeling Naked

I had left the house this morning ahead of schedule.  I didn’t have to pack a lunch since I had plans to be out in the field today and we’d go out to lunch between inspections.  I was feeling pretty good getting an early jump and started my car to let it warm up while I walked out to get the paper.  This should have been the first warning of pending catastrophe as the paper was not there yet.  In the four years that I have been getting home delivery this is only third time I can remember it not being there.  This upset my routine as I usually get to work early enough to read the paper before starting.

A Rough Pitch

My career as a newspaper delivery person has been fairly rewarding even though it is a tough job.  In a typical year I probably accurately deliver about half of my papers. So for 2000 deliveries per week I screw up around a thousand.  Last year was a bad one for me and my accuracy as I only delivered 200 correctly. I don’t always deliver to the wrong house, sometimes I am just late or my toss misses and the paper ends up in the gutter or in the neighbor’s yard.  I count those as “misses.”

N.Y.T. – Not Your Truth…anymore!

Times1“The New York Times. There is no news organization that is more influential with the so-called mainstream media. If The New York Times went on strike tomorrow morning, the CBS Evening News wouldn’t know what to put on the air tomorrow night. Everybody takes their cues from The New York Times. And under the leadership of its publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., and its executive editor, Bill Keller, this once great newspaper, liberal, great newspaper has just descended pretty far down the list… But the problem that I have with The New York Times is that they’ve adopted a view of conservatives that is prevalent on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and that is that conservatives aren’t simply wrong, conservatives are morally inferior. So that if they disagree with you on, let’s say immigration, Bill, you become a racist.”