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The Execution

execution 1NYPD Intelligence officer Jeremy Fisk returns in Dick Wolf’s new novel The Execution.  As perhaps the world’s most coveted target for terrorism New York City has its own intelligence division.  Detective Fisk is about a year removed from the foiled attack at the opening of the new World Trade Center and the murder of his girlfriend.  Guess what?  There is a new threat and the investigation is complicated by United Nations week in New York and the usual craziness of NYC is turned up a few notches.  While Fisk is assigned “desk” duties he is pulled into what becomes a serious situation involving a possible assassination.  Fisk deals with a former nemesis and meets a tough Mexican cop who is rather mistrustful.

The Gods of Gotham

gods of gothamSet in the mid Nineteenth Century New York City, The Gods of Gotham is about a murder mystery that threatens the fledgling police force.  Former bar tender Timothy Wilde has a knack for detective work and is thrust into trying to solve the crime.  It’s a violent era in the city and it doesn’t take much to set off the tinderbox that is the overcrowded forming metropolis.

Separated At Birth – Buzzi/Ginsburg

Ruth Ann Buzzi:   Ruth Ann Buzzi is an American comedienne and actress of theatre, film, and television and is most known for her appearances on the 60/70s hit show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.  Before leaving New York for a career in Los Angeles as a television star, Buzzi played in several musical variety shows and television commercials, some of which won national awards including the coveted Clio Award.  Buzzi’s first national recognition on television came on The Garry Moore Show.  In the late 1960s, she was featured as a semi-regular on the sitcom That Girl as Marlo Thomas’s friend.  A versatile comedienne, she played everything from dowdy old women, to tipsy drunks, to Southern belles to flashy hookers.  Her most famous character is the dowdy spinster Gladys Ormphby, clad in drab brown with her bun hairdo covered by a visible hairnet knotted in the middle of her forehead. In most sketches, she used her lethal purse, with which she would flail away vigorously at anyone who incurred her wrath.

Occupy Deepwater

Two comments; One - where is PETA as this cannot be good treatment for that poor dog; Two - How will the protester "pop" her microwave popcorn?

When is the “Occupy Wall Street” like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?  I was thinking about the cost to the communities besieged by the Occupy folks and started to think about the similarities to the Gulf Oil spill two years ago.  There are many and there are some things that should be similar and I hope that they come to pass…

News Briefs – Volume XVIII

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1:  I have been somewhat angry at the folks who run the WikiLeaks website as they have repeatedly released classified military documents of the United States.  I am all for daylight, but it seems that these folks care very little for the troops that may be affected (and by affected I mean killed) because of the information contained in the data dumps.  A recent story suggests that the WikiLeaks people are contemplating a similar dump of documents from the Russian government.  The Time Magazine writer coyly suggests that the “Russian reaction will not be as reserved as America’s.”  Duh!  It will be interesting to see if the WikiLeakers have the stones to take on Russia.  They might just end up on the wrong end of a ricin-tipped umbrella.