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A Taint In The Blood

taint“Kate Shugak wasn’t an especially humble person.  She had a good opinion of her own intelligence and capabilities, and there was very little she had set out to do in life that she had not accomplished…she was comfortable with who she was and what she had done to get there.  Mostly, she did things for people.  Most of the time, it helped, enough of the time it earned her a living, and she was comfortable with that too.”

The Cases That Haunt Us

imageI’m reading this book, The Cases That Haunt Us, and I’m in a chapter discussing a possIble scenario where an UNSUB (unknown subject) breaks into the victim’s house the brutally murder someone. My wife wakes me at 4:00 am because she heard the garage door open. I grab some clothes, my Mag light (one of the big ones), my phone and a baseball bat to investigate. Adrenaline now pumping as I advance and turn on ever light approaching the basement/garage…only to find it empty and the door closed. I turned to go back inside when the garage door opened on its own.

Blackberry Pie Murder

blackberry pie murder 2The Blackberry Pie Murder is the latest (for me) in the Hannah Swensen “baking” murder mysteries.  The novel is the seventeenth in the series by author Joanne Fluke.  It features the usual cast of characters and Ms. Swensen, her family and the “getting tiresome” love triangle with Mike and Norman.  As usual the book feature numerous recipes for baked goods mentioned in the story.  By my count of all of the books that I read The Cookie Jar, Swensen’s fictitious baker/coffee shop, must have about four hundred cookie on the menu.  In the interest of full disclosure I have actually tried some in the past.

Heart Collector

heart collector 2Amazon has this great program for its Prime members.  Each month you are eligible for a free novel (Kindle version) of a new release, we usually have two to pick from.  It’s called Kindle First and is a great way to read something by a new author.  Unfortunately I hadn’t known about this program for a few years and I wonder how many good books I missed.  Oh and did I mention that they are free?  I love free.  Amazon surprise us in January and we were able to pick two from a choice of four.

Clean Cut

image“He sighed and shook his head.  ‘Bastard’s probably gone back to where he came from.  It beggars belief, doesn’t it?  The one held in Islington was supposed to have been fucking deported, but the Home Office alleged that if he returned home, he’d be in danger – so they let him loose on our fucking streets!  World is going crazy.”

One of their own is seriously injured and has to cope with recovery and solving the crime.  The third in the Anna Travis mysteries, Clean Cut brings the investigative squad into the world of illegal immigrant underground…drugs, prostitution, murder.  There is the ongoing tension between Travis and her boss, Langton.

The Second Objective

second objective 1It is interesting to read stories about a big subject like Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and World War II.  I’ve had the opportunity to read a number of books about the latter recently.  In The Second ObjectiveMark Frost tells a story of a daring commando mission that has troops going behind enemy lines to pull off an extraordinary dangerous and highly unlikely mission.  The interesting part for me is how the timeline for this fits into other books on the WWII fight in Europe.  As the characters in the book fight, run, hide and kill you are given perspective about the entire effort from Hitler’s bunker, to the quartermasters, to secret training, to General Eisenhower’s command center.  The Second Objective is a wonderful “murder” mystery set within a military setting…oh and during World War II featuring a sinister villain and a dogged “cop” closing on his tail.

Deadly Heat

deadly heat 1“Lately, working routine homicides had become a distraction that kept her from focusing fully on her bigger case.  Of course she couldn’t share that with anyone on her squad, but she did complain to Rook how hard it was to try to close a chapter when people kept opening others. “

I this the fifth novel in the Nikki Heat series, author Richard Castle  furiously forces Heat to juggle what seems like a “routine” homicide with her need to solve a ten year old murder of her mother.  The story takes an unreal turn and Nikki is no longer sure that she can trust anyone and time is running out before something big and dangerous happens that will be Deadly Heat.

Naked Heat

imageThis is the sequel to the best selling murder mystery, Heat Wave, and based on the television series Castle.  In Naked Heat investigate the murder of a powerful newspaper gossip columnist. Needless to say this writer had more than a few enemies, but to have one hate her so much so bad to kill her?  You’ll have to read the story to enjoy all of the plot twists and turns involving some of New York City’s elite citizens.

The Monster of Florence

image“When the monster of Florence arrived, Florentines faced the killings with disbelief, anguish, terror, and a kind of sick fascination.  They simply could not accept that their exquisitely beautiful city, the physical expression of the Renaissance, the very cradle of Western civilization, could harbor such a monster.  Most of all, they could not accept the idea that the killer might be one of them.”

The The Monster of Florence was written about a series of murders in the Tuscany region of Italy. The crimes were shocking…but the real shock was how the Italian “Justice” system works. Beautiful country…crazy system. I think the tendency of Americans is to think of police and courts as the “innocent until proven guilty” as is prescribed in our laws. Italy is different and eye-opening and dysfunctional and SCARY!

Cat’s Claw

cats clawI have not read one of Susan Wittig Albert’s books for a while as the last one that I read was pretty much the same as many of the predecessors.  In Cat’s Claw the focus of the murder (of course there was a murder) investigation was on Pecan Springs’ sheriff, Sheila Dawson as she tries to solve the murder of the local computer guy.  China Bayles was sort of a background character and this made the novel fresher for me and the book was more about Dawson which was good for me.