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Free to Choose

It often amazes me when I find a book written many years ago that still has so much relevance to today. Free to Choose was written over thirty years ago yet addresses many of today’s problems.  Written by Milton and Rose Friedman is “A Personal Statement” by two excellent economists and “unravel the mysteries of economics for the man or woman in the street (Wall Street or Main Street).”  That quote from the book cover may be a little cheesy, but the Friedmans cover a variety of economic topics in an interesting and understandable manner.

Government 101

I have unfortunately been exposed to something from which there is no cure…the writings of intelligent people.  Most of us have read textbooks chock full of ten cent words written by people with lots of initials and abbreviations after their names and we really gain nothing from them.  They are written in a language other than what we speak which I’ll call Intelectish.  The pedestal that these authors put themselves on is so high and they look so far down on us poor, tired, huddled masses that they cannot see what is above them. 

Where Are These Angels?

I was fortunate to be listening to “America’s Morning Show” today.  Quinn and Rose were on vacation and the substitute host was Glen Meakem.  I have heard Mr. Meakem speak before, most recently at the Pittsburgh Tea Party on July 4th.

During the show Mr. Meakem played an audio clip of Phil Donohoe interviewing Milton Friedman about capitalism and greed.  As you probably know Phil Donohoe had routinely battled Alan Alda for the most whipped male on the planet.  For the younger crowd, Phil would be like today’s Oprah, except for being a white male.  I would venture that their politics are pretty parallel.