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Mars & Venus

I recently had the misfortune of spending four hours in a auto shop waiting room.  The real tragedy is that I took the truck in for an oil change, tire rotation, and to have an exhaust clamp replaced.  I work for a large bureaucracy with lots of systems and procedures.  One of the systems is to get preapproved for fleet repairs, schedule the work, and then have the garage fax and estimate for the work before proceeding.  I arrived at eight and the garage had my truck in the bay within 30 minutes.  The outlier was the exhaust pipe which was currently held in place by a wire hanger.  The customer service rep came out and explained that the clamp actually ripped a hole in the exhaust pipe when it failed and that they would actually have to replace the entire tailpipe.  Fortunately it was covered by warranty and would cost ZERO.  So all that had to be approved was an oil change (my tires didn’t need rotated).