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Dark Fire

dark fireAuthor C.J. Sansom takes us back to 16th Century England where Henry VIII is king and change is brewing.  In mid-evil times change often brings death to both the players and the pawns.  In Dark Fire we are introduced to Matthew Shardlake who is “renowned as the sharpest hunchback in the courts of England.”  Mr. Shardlake is in fact a lawyer who practices property law, but takes on what seems to be a hopeless case when a friend’s niece is arrested for a terrible murder.  Things look hopeless until he is offered a way to have her case or rather her sentence delayed for two weeks…for a price.


heartstone croppedIn the mid sixteenth century the English queen requests that a London lawyer, Matthew Shardlake, to look into an old case involving the wardship of an orphaned brother and sister.  Shardlake is hampered by a hunched back and a dogged desire to seek justice often landing him in trouble with powerful folks and putting his life in danger.  Obviously there are no sophisticated forensic tools to use to help solve the mysteries and intrigues that Shardlake uncovers.  Heartstone by C. J. Sansom can only depend on the skills of the lawyer to tell his tale.  The backdrop to the novel centers around the end of King Henry VIII’s rule as England prepares for an invasion by France.