Framing the Dialogue

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Domestic Violets

violetsI guess that I can best describe Domestic Violets as a “coming of age” novel…except the person coming of age is in his mid thirties, married with child, divorced parents.  Oh and one of them wildly famous and wild.

“I’ve done something today that everyone dreams about doing.  The difference is, I had the balls to do it, and so I am, at least for the moment, their hero, and my money is not good here.  Shots and beers and stiff drinks have accumulated in front of me at a rate I haven’t seen since my twenty-first birthday.”

We’re All Damaged

damaged“I don’t think you’re damaged.’  He laughs and puts his hands on the table.  A few pieces of glitter cling to his skin, which is perfect.  ‘I appreciate that,’ he says.  ‘But I absolutely am.  After the age of about…what, sixteen?  We’re all damaged.  Every single beautiful, stupid, precious one of us.  Damaged, damaged, damaged.”