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Kill The Shogun

kill the shogunThis is the third and final in Dale Furutani’s Samurai Mystery series.  In Kill the Shogun, Ronin samurai, Matsuyama Kaze is in Edo, the new capital of Japan and the seat of the new Shogun.  As the area bustles with construction of the new capital and castle Kaze is still on his quest to find the daughter of his former master.  As building rise so do the aspirations of the other samurai as they jostle within the new hierarchy of the new leadership.

Jade Palace Vendetta

Jade palaceThe Jade Palace Vendetta follows the exploits of a Ronin or wandering Samurai warrior.  Matsuyama Kaze is a Samurai who was on the losing side in a great struggle in Japan for supremacy.  Now hunted by his enemies he wanders the countryside in a quest to fulfill a promise made.  His quest to find a young girl places him on a road where he is compelled to help a hapless merchant as other Ronin are trying to steal his gold.  There is much more to the merchant and Kaze must use hit wits as well as his skill with a sword to continue his quest and stay alive.