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Killing the Rising Sun

“Enter this book. It comes with a warning: the following pages contain some extremely troubling material. The violence the world witnessed in 1945 is unprecedented in history and will be chronicled on the following pages in detail. What Martin Dugard and I are about to tell you is true and stark. The way the United States defeated the Japanese empire is vital to understand because the issues of that war are still being processed throughout the world today.”

Killing the SS

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard have a gold mine of a formula for best selling novels.  I’d not read the past few after Killing Reagan as I thought that one was a bit of a stretch.  I heard good review of Killing the SS so I picked up a copy to read.  I was not disappointed.  The book chronicles “The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History.”  Their unspeakable crimes horrify us to this day.  

You know most of the names; now see what happens to them after the war.  One thing that astonished me was how openly some of these murders lived after the end of World War II.  Many barely changed their name.

Killing Patton

killing pattonThis book is “the strange death of World War II’s most audacious general.”  In Killing Patton Bill O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard dig into the circumstances behind the unusual death of General George S. Patton.  The authors provide copious background behind the characters who would have loved to see the prominent general no longer around and they list doesn’t just include Germans and Russians.  If you are a history buff you’ll have the added pleasure of getting a good dose of WWII information.  If you are not a history buff, there is not too much, but maybe you will become one of us.  You really should!

Killing Jesus

killing jesusWhat a subject to take on by authors Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.  The life and death of Jesus Christ!  First off this is NOT a religious novel and I think O’Reilly has taken great pains to reiterate that this is in fact a historical account of the murder of Jesus of Nazareth.  If you are looking for that type of book there are plenty out there for you to read.  This just isn’t one of them.  The authors give a detailed historical background of the time before Jesus’ birth to give a sense of the brutality of the times and the complete domination of the Roman empire though in decline at the time of Jesus.

Killing Kennedy

I was nearly three when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I don’t remember where I was when I heard the news, but I seem to have a memory of watching the funeral on television. Authors Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard fill in a lot of blanks for me and provide background and information about the events of JFK’s brief presidency, his many enemies, his many faults, his many physical disabilities, and his many accomplishments. If you are looking for an “Oliver Stone-like” conspiracy book Killing Kennedy is NOT for you. If you are interested in the facts and small details lost through the years this book will excite you.

Killing Lincoln

“The first one or two [death threats] made me a little uncomfortable,’ Lincoln has admitted to an artist who came to paint his portrait, ‘but they have ceased to give me any apprehension.  I know I am in danger, but I am not going to worry over little things like these.’  Rather than dwell on death, Lincoln prefers to live life on his own terms. ‘If I am killed I can die but once,’ he is fond of saying, ‘but to live in constant dread is to die over and over again.’  While the war still raged he told the writer Harriet Beecher Stowe, ‘Whichever way the war ends, I have the impression that I shall not last long after it is over.”