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Update – True American Hero – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Obama’s Justice Department is hot on another “criminal” as they have gone after Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County in Arizona. In an AP (Adulterated Press) story the federal government has “found that Arpaio’s office committed a wide range of civil rights violations against Latinos, including unjust immigration patrols and jail policies” and one official “called it the most egregious case he has seen or reviewed in professional literature.” Big Brother (Eric Holder) has given Arpaio until January 4, 2012 to decide if he wants to work out an agreement with Obama/Holder.

True American Hero – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

 What do you call a man who;

  • Has over four decades serving the public in law enforcement,
  • Is responsible for over 10,000 inmates in his prison system,
  • Doesn’t coddle prisoners and has over 2,ooo housed in an outdoor tent city to keep costs down,
  • Doesn’t coddle prisoners and has forbid pornography, smoking, and coffee and restricts TV watching,
  • Offers the cheapest meals in the jails costing an average of 15 cents a meal and are only served twice daily to cut costs,
  • Requires inmates to work and provide labor to the community,