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Groundhog Day…Again and Again

Image result for jake tapper unhingedThis will be a short one.  Last week the lame-stream media went nuts over President Trump’s press conference…actually they became unhinged.  Perhaps taking a page from el Rushbo, President Trump predicted how the media would portray his performance at the press conference and did EXACTLY as he predicted.  The liberal PR department that is CNN became unglued during and mostly after the event.  The most egregious comments coming from Jake Tapper who is usually the most reasonable.  I guess CNN is rubbing off on poor ole Jake?  They just don’t like having their bias and fake news rubbed in their faces.

Parsimony – Taxing Effort

I find it very interesting that a good number of these posts use an Associated Press story as the baseline for my commentary. I don’t seek out AP stories, but it often seems like their reporting often shows the bias of the mainstream media.

First the headline (with a link to the original story)…

GOP moves toward slashing, nixing states’ income tax

…Now the story

OKLAHOMA CITY — A year after Republicans swept into office across the country, many have trained their sights on what has long been a fiscal conservative’s dream: the steep reduction or elimination of state income taxes. [So far so good]


The liberal, mainstream media is all a twitter about the latest unemployment numbers coming out of the Department of Labor.  Yes our unemployment rate is now a healthy 8.6 percent and that number grabbed many headlines along with the pronouncement that that is the lowest rate since March 2009.  Unfortunately that is all that most of the American public will hear going into the weekend.  Left out of most news blurbs was some rather important facts;

  1. You’ll hear that payroll increased by 120,000 jobs, but probably will not be told that most of those jobs are temporary, holiday seasonal positions which should make for some somber January 2012 numbers.

South Park Conservatives

How are God and Barack Obama similar…Neither has a birth certificate

How is God different than Barack Obama…Obama gets better press coverage

How is God different than Barack Obama…God does not think he is Obama

How is God different than Barack Obama…Liberals love Obama

How is God different than Barack Obama…God asks for only 10% of your money

How is God different than Barack Obama…God’s plan to save us is actually written down for people to read.

A Frog As A Metaphor

A “FROG” that constantly changes colour is being worshipped as a GOD in by the Main Stream Media (MSM).  Hundreds of curious followers flock to network television every day to pray and ask for miracles and handouts.  None of the country’s MSM desire to study the rainbow frog.  But alternative media keeps the creature in a glass house and under a spotlight after finding it while it ran for office out of Chicago. 

Alternative media said: “Our one problem is that this frog does not appear to listen to reason. I keep trying to feed it information, data and proof, but it doesn’t eat anything. I don’t know what else to give it.”

Vitriol (vit – ree – all)

Vitriol is defined as:

“Bitterly abusive feeling or expression, language expressing bitterness and hatred.”

Synonyms:  insult, revilement, invective, vilification, or abuse


“Abuse a man unjustly, and you will make friends for him..”

                                                                                   Edgar Watson Howe

Can you use it in a sentence?

The frequent vitriol displayed by many liberals must indicate a basic insecurity in their beliefs, intelligence, policies, and positions.

Can you give me an example?