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Time Less

Like a chicken with its head cut off, Time Magazine continues to thrash about without a brain with yet another uninspiring “Man of the Year” cover.  Not only was the selection of “The Protester” further indication of the leftist agenda, but their honored protesters are more famous for their damage than their courage as evidenced by their propensity to hide their identity as they “brave” their opposition.  Brave in this case means mob as that is what they are.

Costco Disconnection

CostcoIf you asked my family, they may describe my relationship with Costco as a special one.  I do most of the grocery shopping for our family and I do most of it at Costco.  I have belonged to our local store since it opened many years ago and even have a favorite parking spot (though I rarely get it).  My youngest often goes with me and we enjoy snack-shopping (being fed lots of samples while we shop) and having lunch together after we shop.  My chili recipe ingredients starts with two big packs of Costco ground chuck, a big pack of red peppers, a huge can of whole tomatoes, and a huge can of tomato paste (I should explain that we have a huge freezer and this recipe makes enough for about ten meals).

WTF – Ed Rendell

George WTFTwo things happened this week that were the inspiration of a new series for Framing The Dialogue.  The first was perhaps my favorite poster that was displayed at the September 12 TEA Party in Washington D.C.  Our first president wondering “WTF.”  Evand every time that I see this I just crack up.  In case you did not know, “WTF” stands for “What the Freak” or something less printable on my blog. 

The second incident was when I saw this headline “Gov. Rendell named one of Esquire magazine’s ’75 Best People.’”  That headline worked as I skipped to the article and sure enough our Gov. is one of the 75 best people “in the WORLD.” (emphasis added).  I thought to myself “WTF” and a series was born.