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Where Angels Fall

Where angels fallIn this, the second of Chris Stewart’s The Great and Terrible series we meet the same characters/family as they are now earthly beings.  They are not all part of one family, but this introduction to their earthly lives sets a path where they may all meet at some point.  Where Angels Fall still has Lucifer and his minions who are also on Earth to spread his message of hate and despair.  The book reads like a thriller novel, but with insights into the characters’ morality and frailty.  I wish that I could say that this is uplifting as it can be in parts, but I am finding it somewhat dark.  My plan was to read the series straight through, but needed to change that to take a break.  I think that those of us who read thriller novels are used to the evil and vile characters who are portrayed in this book.  It is not often, however, that we are shown their inner souls and their darkness.  We also see the souls of those who are good and the troubling part to watch (read) is how the good struggle to overcome evil while evil has no such struggle with good.

The Brothers

the brothers“Pretend you want to help them while whispering deceits in their ears.  Only lie when you have to.  Speak the truth when you can; for the truth, once it’s twisted, is the most effective tool we have.  Coat all your lies with enough truth, and they will swallow it down…evil can be twisted into virtue if you phrase it just right.  Any vice is acceptable if you cloak it in an issue of freedom.  Any immorality is worth fighting for if you tell them they are fighting for choice, if you wrap it in the mantle of privacy and freedom.”