Framing the Dialogue

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Lesson For Today



We try too hard to get to the greener grass.


In the process, we end up in trouble.


And when you find yourself in trouble…


And you’re stuck in a situation that you can’t get out of…


And you are grateful that help is on the way…


There is one thing you should always remember…


Not everyone who shows up…


Is there to help you!!!!


That is the end of today’s lesson!

Cradle to Grave

My son recently bought a new bed. You’ll have to bear with me on this one, but I was thinking about that and its implications about growth and where we sleep or more importantly what we sleep on. He has lived on his own for years now, but still used his single bed much as he has since he was probably two years old. His move up to a double bed seemed like a life step. I know it’s just a bed, but think about what we sleep on.

Landscaping Through Life

St. John's Wort on the left - Crown Vetch on the right

A few years ago my in-laws built a new cabin on Deep Creek Lake.  This would be the third cabin dating back to when the lake was first formed to generate hydro-power.  There is a small slope between their lower driveway and the lawn that leads to the lakefront.  It never really had any remarkable landscaping and was mostly weeds.  After construction I took the initiative to research, buy, and plant this area.  They have somewhat sandy soil that doesn’t get much sun.

Liberal Alters – Abortion

Liberals have many alters to which they worship.  None may be as divisive in our country as abortion.  Abortion is always portrayed as a rather complex issue about a woman’s body or when life begins couched in flowery terms like “pro  choice.”  The basic issue is  rather simple with some complex scenarios that can be debated.  Proof that abortion is a liberal alter is their support of partial birth abortion.

True Cost of Obamacare

I have been listening and writing about President Obama’s push for  ”  I have been frustrated by the misinformation that is constantly provided by a frighteningly benign main stream media.  Even conservative pundits slide and use terminology that gives strength to the plunge into Obamacare. 

Everybody in America (that includes those who are here illegally) has HEALTH CARE,  what they all do not have is HEALTH INSURANCE!  100% of Americans have HEALTH CARE; the best health care in the world.  Ask the Canadians, Brits, and others who come here for treatments not available from their nationalized health care systems.